For over 10 years Jan and Paul have been delivering artisan food and craft markets under the aegis of Cotyledon. 5 years ago the markets came to Belle Vue with the then tenants of the Tea Room. We were lucky to take over the lease of the Pavilion in November 2018 and with it, a commitment to deliver monthly artisan markets until at least 2023.

Our monthly award winning market consists of 60:40 ratio of food and craft. We pride ourselves on continuing as the first (single use) plastic free market in Wales.

We won the Voice Magazine best food event in 2018 and 2019 and we intend to build on this following Covid hiatus in 2021.

We have been approached by new crafters as they have developed crafting and artistic skills through the lockdowns which characterised 2020. We are always keen to help new ideas develop and give our support for new businesses. We therefore have developed a new craft based market to be tested between May and September 2021 which will predominantly focus on craft – with a tasty selection of foodies with their artisan produce on offer.


Food and Craft Market

6th June

4th July

1st August

5th September

3rd October

7th November

4th and 5th December Annual Christmas Market

Makers Market

27th June

25th July

22nd August

26th September